Computer classes with Bakashana

Bakashana provides free computer, literacy, and English classes from the Bakashana Resource Center. These classes are provided to underserved members of the Kasama Community who wish to improve their employment and life skills. The Computer Lab was established with help from the Virginia Gildersleeve International Foundation (VGIF), and improved and augmented by Lush Charity Pot.

Bakashana’s computer lab houses 20 computers, and computer classes are taught by Chanda Ignatius. Pupils learn computer basics, including computer theory, Microsoft Office, and basic internet skills. There is also an advanced computer class for those who have completed the basic course. More than 300 pupils have learned computers, for free, at our center.

IciBemba (local language) literacy, and English classes are offered from our Library and Learning Center. These classes are attended by many women from our community looking to increase their entrepreneurial skills. Classes are taught by Fridah Kangwa. To date, more than 100 women have been offered basic literacy classes, and 100 have completed our English classes. Students and other members of the community are also able to access our library, free of charge.

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Your donations allow us to offer high quality, free educational classes to the Kasama Community. We are grateful for you support!