Carrie Douglas

Hello friends and family! I want to first thank you for your interest in helping Rosemary, a motivated student in my class, finish her education. Over the past few months I have grown close with Rosemary, as she is part of my host family. Both Rosemary and my host family have shown their dedication to her education, however they struggle with the payments. I am asking you to help lessen this burden by donating to support her education. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go far to help pay for her fees.

Thank you!
Carrie Douglas

Rosemary is a strong, motivated girl who has not allowed her difficult past to hold her back. Both of her parents died when she was young, which left her orphaned until Grade 5. During her childhood she worked to help pay her school fees and feed herself and her siblings. She now lives with distant relatives who take care of her and also help with her school fees. However, they struggle every term affording Rosemary’s school fees. Rosemary will be starting Grade 9 in January and is an extremely motivated student and cares deeply about finishing her education. Once Rosemary graduates grade 12 she plans on becoming a teacher so she can help orphaned students like herself.

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