Community Outreach

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A young couple receives condoms after getting tested for HIV

A young couple receives condoms after testing for HIV

In Collaboration with MTV’s Staying Alive Fund, and Amplify Change, Bakashana has been providing health outreach services to communities around Kasama since 2016. These services include HIV/AIDs Voluntary Care, Testing, and Planning (VCT), and sensitizations and trainings regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights. These outreach programs are part of Bakashana’s strategy to empower youth, and especially women, to know their rights and utilize their agency to create brighter futures.

Young woman gets tested for HIV in Kasama

Voluntary-Counselling-and-Testing (VCT) and condom demonstration and distribution has been implemented in more than 30 villages surrounding Kasama. This program is implemented through ‘community outreach days’ – utilizing drumming, football, drama, and other activities to attract youth for HIV/AIDS testing, contraceptive distribution, and sensitization. Since 2016, Bakashana – in partnership with Zambia Prevention, Care, and Treatment (ZPCT) and the Zambian Ministry of Health – has offered HIV Counseling and Testing to more than 3,000 individuals, distributed over 36,000 condoms and offered sensitization to nearly 15,000 youth through these community outreach days.

We are grateful to all our Project Partners who have helped us to reach, teach, help and learn from thousands of youth in and around Kasama. Please learn more about our other Health, Education, and Resource Center Services, or take a look at the Young Women seeking sponsorship.