Cultural and Community Empowerment

Cultural and Community Empowerment

Bakashana believes that Bemba tradition and culture hold wisdom and meaning for our grantees and broader society, and we strive to encourage and cultivate relationships and understanding between village elders and the young women in the program, so that as they become leaders and role models in a modernizing world, they remain grounded by the roots of the Bemba people. This program involves field trips to cultural heritage sites, workshops teaching traditional arts and crafts – including pottery, music, and weaving – and networking and experiential learning with village elders.

bemba cultural heritage

Community and Cultural Heritage Program Objectives:

● Objective 1, Cultural Awareness: To encourage among grantees and members of the community an objective understanding of their (Bemba) cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions, while promoting the sharing and understanding of knowledge regarding Bemba cultural past and present ● Objective 2, Cultural Appreciation: To invigorate pride in ancestral knowledge, and re-vitalize and re-invigorate local interest in traditional production, art and handicrafts by facilitating knowledge-and-skills sharing ● Objective 3, Application: To facilitate the exchange of understanding and inspiration through workshops which bring together female elders (as carriers of ancestral wisdom and cultural tradition) with female youth (as vessels for innovation and continuity). Empowered with ancient skills and means of creating, grantees are provided with further opportunities to generate income for themselves and their families. The elders teaching these cultural skills are also empowered, both financially with fees for teaching, and with pride in understanding that their knowledge is valued and worth sharing


Any donation given to our Community and Cultural Empowerment Program helps to ensure that the future leaders of Kasama will be able to delicately weave the complexities of tradition and modernity. Helping this program also helps economically support local artisans, as they are paid for the lessons and services they offer to our grantees, and it provides a potential livelihood and income generating activity for those grantees who choose to learn an artisanal trade.