Grantee Workshops


KMG Workshop 2014
The Bakashana Grantees with Claire


Our Bakashana Workshops are invaluable to our grantees and our Bakashana family. These 3 day workshops, which we hold three times each year (termly), provide an opportunity for the young women to come together to share successes and challenges, learn about themselves and one another, and push themselves to participate in a group setting. The workshops focus on female empowerment, encouraging the grantees to become leaders, role models, and positive change agents in their communities. This is accomplished with the help of local, female community leaders as facilitators and mentors to share their knowledge, skills, and success stories. The workshops increase our grantees’ abilities to communicate, both with one another and with larger groups, and to recognize and utilize their many talents, passions and abilities. The familial, interactive learning environment fostered in our Workshops offers the grantees a unique opportunity to compliment the theoretical, rote learning practiced in the formalized school setting with hands-on, practical, and highly personalized experiences.

Gender Activity Zambia 2014
Interactive Learning: Gender Activity

The Gender presentation shared during our Term 1 Workshop can be found here.


Bakashana Workshops are one of the most important, and most costly, aspects of our program to empower young women. As we are 100% donor supported, we rely on people like YOU to help these young women’s dreams come to fruition. Please consider making a donation for next terms’ workshop. Thank you!