Loans for Tertiary Education

Bakashana focuses on providing education for secondary-school girls, but we are approached by many motivated individuals who are seeking help to continue their education. In Zambia, Tertiary Education is prohibitively expensive: colleges and the government offer little financial aid, and, because student loans are not available, too many are left with little opportunity to continue their education and pursue gainful employment.

Bakashana seeks to serve as a link between students and possible funders around the world. While the education we provide to secondary school students is in the form of ‘grants’, the funds we hope to facilitate for tertiary students are ‘micro-loans’ (that is, loans which are paid back over a long period of time at low or no interest). The cost of Tertiary Education varies from around $1000-$5000 dollars per year, over 2 – 4 years. Bakashana serves as an intermediary, connecting those who wish to provide micro-loans with those seeking such assistance in completing their degree or certification. As most teachers, nurses, and others graduating from Tertiary Education are guaranteed jobs with the Zambian Government or private sector, the potential for loan repayment is high.

IF you are interested in becoming involved, please see the stories of some of students seeking loans:


Silumbwe Ivwnanji

IMGP4038 (531x800)

Silumbwe Ivwnanji is 22 years old. His name, Silumbwe, in iciNamwanga language, means “one who is in harmony with others”.

Silumbwe lost his mother when he was six years old and from that point on lived with his father, and a step-mother. Being that he was the child of another woman, he was never treated fairly by his step-mother. She had a lot on her plate providing for 9 children, and Silumbwe learned to fend for himself from an early age.

His dream was to “have an easier way of living”, and he saw the key to this future as education, and so vowed to himself from a young age that he would do whatever it took to become educated. He took the walk to school, rain or shine, everyday. He recalls a voice in his head that would motivate him when he was feeling sluggish in the morning: “Just GO!”.
With persistence, hard work, and determination, Silumbwe graduated from grade 12 in 2012 with remarkable results. His scores are good enough for him to be admitted into a school for future doctors, which has been his life long dream.

Due to lack of financial support, and because he has a place in his heart for children, Silumbwe has opted out of pursuing a medical degree, and wishes to become a teacher.

Help Silumbwe become a teacher and change the future for him and his family.
Silumbwe is seeking a loan to be paid back in installments once he is placed as a teacher in 2017. His teachers training college costs $1,250/year and is a three-year program.



Peggy Kamnbole


Dear Potential Sponsor,

I am writing this letter to request for sponsorship to college to cover Tuition fees and other costs connected to the training requirements.

I am a Zambian aged 20 years, born from a family of six: one boy and five girls. I completed my secondary education in 2012 and am currently working as a sales lady in a store.

I would like to pursue a course in Clinical Medicine, but I am unable to go for studies due to lack of funds. My Father was laid off from his job in the 1990s and my mother is a house wife. Since my Father lost his job, life has been very difficult and my parents cannot manage to help me with school fees to go to college. My two elder sisters are also unable to help as they are working at the same store as me and earn little money. We use the little money we earn to help the family and support our siblings and the two other dependents who live at home.

I received high marks on my grade 12 exams, and have been selected to study with a three-year diploma course as a Clinical Officer at Kabwe College of Health Sciences. I promise to study hard if supported to complete the course. With your help, I’m sure I can achieve my dreams of financial independence and providing well for myself and my family.

Your serious consideration is appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you as I wait earnestly in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,

Peggy Kamnbole



Sikazwe Kapembwa


My name is Sikazwe Kapembwa and I was born on February 28th, 1992 in Mbala, Northern Province, Zambia. I am the third born in a family of five; we are three boys and two girls. I grew up with both my parents in a village outside Mbala. Because they are both farmers, my parents are unable to sponsor my education at this time. We are all members of the New Apostolic Church in my community.

In 1998, I began attending Ndundundu basic school in Mbala. I completed my primary education (to grade 9) at Ndundundu and was accepted into Mbala Secondary School in 2009. I finished my final three years there and graduated in 2011. While attending school in Mbala, I expressed myself with singing and with dancing, which were, and continue to be my favorite activities.

My dream has been to become a teacher. I have always had a passion for teaching and have chosen a future career as a primary school educator. Thank you for reviewing my profile and for considering to help me in pursuing my diploma.

The program I am seeking to attend, Rockview Professional College of Education, costs $2000/year for three years.