Place of Happiness

Place of Happiness, disabled services

Providing Support, Love, and Community to Kasama’s Most Underserved, Disabled Children

Bakashana is proud to share our Place of Happiness, serving 50 severely disabled children and their mothers by providing one day of full care, bi-weekly, for each family (10 children per day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). The program is held in a comfortable home setting with a 1:2 care provider/child ratio.

The program provides socialization, learning activities, and movement therapy to children, respite care for mothers, advocacy services, and opportunities for building a community of support among the primary caretakers of these children. The program will be a place where all children are accepted and loved – a place where all mothers are valued, supported, and celebrated.

Please consider donating to support this program, and assist these children and their families

Program Objectives

To provide:

  • A safe, stimulating, and loving space for children with extreme disabilities living in the Kasama area
  • Respite care for the caretakers (mothers) so that they have time to engage in income-generating activities for their families
  • Support and advocacy for disabled youth in the community and with government agencies
  • Opportunities for mothers to interconnect, thereby building their power as a collective and creating a community of support

Project Activities

The program is designed to provide one full-day of programming for each family, every other week on M, W, or Fri.

  • Supporting 50 children and their mothers
  • Care provider:child ratio will be 1:2
  • 7-10 children per day – 4 (or 5) care providers/day
  • Transportation for children is provided by the program
  • A physical therapist work with the program to educate care providers and mothers
  • Children will receive a nutritious morning and afternoon snack, and a hot lunch