Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

This is Bakashana’s inaugural program, which began in 2010 when Bakashana was founded. While Bakashana has grown in focus and impact since that time, providing support for the education of young women remains a fundamental aspect of what we do. young zambian women learning

Bakashana Scholarship Program Objectives:

● Objective 1, Formal Education: To provide grantees with the total financial support to complete secondary school. This includes funds to cover tuition, room and board, school supplies, tutoring, exam preparation and mentoring

● Objective 2, Emotional Support:To provide each grantee with a familial support group of peers and Bakashana staff, and one-on-one counseling. Bakashana also serves as the ‘advocate’ of each grantee to ensure that she is able to effectively handle the transition from rural life to education in town

● Objective 3, Women’s Empowerment: By attending secondary school, each grantee is given the opportunity to increase her potential leadership, influence, and agency within society. Spending five formative years (grades 8 – 12) in school means that each young woman learns to become independent, out-spoken and confident while avoiding teen marriage and pregnancy.


Young women’s education is vital because it leads to gains in all areas of life. Educated women have increased access to income, enabling them to participate in economic, political and social decision-making, and reducing their risk for intimate partner violence. Another advantage of educating women is the trickle-down effect within families, such that a woman’s education impacts her children’s health and survival. Bakashana is an on-the-ground, grassroots program, and we are 100% donor-sponsored and supported. Your contribution, however modest, directly impacts not only the young women we assist, but also their families, and the community of Kasama as a whole.