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Janet, A Proud Bakashana Scholarship Grantee

More than 300 girls are attending school thanks to Bakashana scholarships. Full scholarships include school fees, uniforms, books, hygienic supplies, and often-times boarding. For other pupils on partial scholarships, Bakashana works with parents to share the cost of education.

Our scholarships are competitive- involving a three-step application process which includes a written application, interview, and home visit. This process, involving members of our staff, local community and education leaders, and representatives from the Ministry of Education, selects pupils who demonstrate a balance between academic achievement and financial need.

Bakashana is the only scholarship program operating in Northern Province which offers an open-application process, meaning anyone may apply. Because scholarships are in high demand, scholarship recipients must keep up their academic performance in order to remain on scholarship.

Boarding Services are provided at the Bakashana Boarding Center to 20 of our Scholarship applicants each year. Many of these girls are brought into boarding so that they may be removed from a home situation which may not be conducive to their learning and who benefit from a safe, loving environment which helps them reach their full potential. Other boarders are academically gifted girls from far-away villages who board with us so that they may attend the higher quality schools that Kasama, being the Provincial Capital, has to offer.

All scholarship recipients benefit from regular check-ins with our staff who grow with them, and help them identify their strengths while mentoring and supporting them. Grantees also attend Workshops offering them training in Women’s Empowerment, sexual and reproductive health rights, lifeskills, and entrepreneurship.

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Bakashana is a community-based, grassroots program. Your contribution, however modest, directly impacts not only the young women we assist, but also their families and greater community.