Supplementary Curriculum

Supplementary Curriculum

A growing field of research suggests that in order to be effective in empowering young women, scholarship programs need to provide additional resources and educational opportunities to the grantees they support. Many formal education systems lack the resources to provide adequate preparation for the varied interpretations of the future success of students, and therefore programs like Bakashana can fulfill this need through the use of a supplementary curriculum for skills and competency building. workshop girls scholarship

Bakashana Supplementary Curriculum Objectives:

● Objective 1, Building Competency: Bakashana’s supplementary curriculum provides skills and competency building in five key areas:

1. Core educational competencies: reinforcing formal education with a focus on reading, writing, language and number fluency, and critical thinking and problem solving skills 2. Social competencies: Pro-social values, respect for human rights, gender consciousness, collaborative skills, negotiating skills, leadership skills, and knowledge of social systems and local/global issues 3. Personal Competencies: Self-esteem, communication skills, confidence, health (including reproductive health), knowledge and management skills, self-protective skills 4. Economic Competencies: Financial literacy, Environmental literacy, resource management, farming skills, entrepreneurship, international language skills, computer/information technology skills 5. Cultural Competencies: Comprehension of cultural past/present, traditional arts/handicraft skills, entrepreneurship in a village setting, navigating the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity

● Objective 2, Women’s Empowerment: To provide leadership skills, understanding of human rights and social justice with an emphasis on gender equity, and knowledge of, and access to, sexual and personal health resources (contraceptives)

● Objective 3, Future Success: To provide each grantee the knowledge, skills, and confidence to assess and pursue their desired future path, with a focus on financial independence and income generation